On May 29, 1997, the following message was distributed to a large number of CLI's friends and supporters.

      As many of you know, CLI has been shrinking. Many of the remaining employees have wondered whether we have dropped below critical mass.

Recently all of the current CLI staff were offered jobs at EDS in Austin to work on program transformation and analysis tools. Most have accepted this offer. This means that CLI as currently constituted will cease operations later this summer.

EDS has not bought CLI. CLI will continue to exist in order to close down Government contracts and maintain a Web presence.

The work of Computational Logic goes on:

  • J Moore will continue development of ACL2 at UT
  • Warren Hunt is working to apply our hardware results for IBM.
  • David Russinof is currently applying the floating point results to the AMD K7.
  • Rich Cohen intends to carry forward his excellent work formalizing Card Java with funding from commercial sources.

I would like to thank all of our friends who have helped make Computational Logic such a great place to work over the last 10+ years. I believe the work that the Government has supported here is beginning to bear fruit. I have often speculated that the best way for CLI to transfer our technology was to dissolve and spread our people into commercial environments. I like to think that is what is happening.


Michael K. Smith
Computational Logic


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