CLI Technical Reports and Notes

Reports are available as PostScript (PS), DVI or ASCII text format. Not all reports are available in all formats.

To obtain a copy of a report you will need to download one it the format you prefer, .ps, .dvi, or .pdf (if available). Not all reports may be distributed electronically. In such a case, one of the original authors may be able to help you.

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Newly released (March 2004). Reports 102, 103, 120, and 121

A small number of notes are available as text files. Links are at the end of this page.

# Date Author(s) Title
124 5/97 Bevier, Young An Authorization Policy Language for Adage
123 5/97 Bevier, Young Principles of Authorization in Adage
122 11/96 Bevier, Ford, Simon, LSmith The Specification-Based Testing of A Trusted Kernel: MK++,
121 9/96 Bevier, Cohen An Executable Model of the Synergy File System, PS, PDF
120 9/96 Bevier, Cohen, Turner A Specification for the Synergy File System, PS, PDF
119 8/96 Boyer, Moore Mechanized Formal Reasoning about Programs and Computing Machines,
118 7/96 Brock, Kaufmann, Moore ACL2 Theorems about Commercial Microprocessors,
117 7/96 Brock, Kaufmann, Moore Heavy Inference: Theorems about Commercial Microprocessors (replaced by TR 118)
116 1/96 Young Interactive Consistency in ACL2
115 11/95 Moore, Kaufmann ACL2: An Industrial Strength Version of the Nqthm Logic
114 9/95 Mksmith, Akers AVA 95 Reference Manual, PS
113 9/95 Mksmith, Akers Annotated AVA 95 Reference Manual, PS
112 9/95 Mksmith A Formal Semantics for AVA 95, PS
111 7/95 Wilding, Young Specification and Verification of Real-time Executives (Part B: Specification and Proofs) (draft)
110 7/95 Wilding, Young Specification and Verification of Real-time Executives (Part A: Project Report) (draft)
109 5/95 Bevier, Young Developing an Abstract Separation Kernel via Successive Refinement (draft)
108 5/95 Young System Verification and the CLI Stack
107 4/95 Bevier, Cohen, Young Connection Policies and Controlled Interference
106 11/94 Hunt, Boyer, Albin, LSmith & Word A Study of the Feasibility of Verifying a Commercial DSP
105 10/94 Young, Bevier Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of an External Memory Manager
103 9/94 Bevier/LSmith A Mathematical Model of the Mach Kernel: Kernel Requests PS, PDF
102 9/94 Bevier/LSmith A Mathematical Model of the Mach Kernel PS, PDF
101 8/94 M. Kaufmann, J Moore Design Goals of ACL2 PS, DVI
100 8/94 M. Kaufmann, P Pecchiari (IRST, DIST) Interaction with the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover: A Tutorial Study Using the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Theorem PS, DVI
99 5/94 Russinoff Specification and Verification of Gate-Level VHDL Models of Synchronous and Asynchronous Circuits. PS, DVI
98 4/94 Russinoff A Formalization of a Subset of VHDL PS, DVI
97 4/94 Kaufmann Combining an Interpreter-Based Approach to Software Verification with Verification Condition Generation PS
96 12/93 Akers Strong Static Type Checking for Functional Common Lisp PS
95 9/93 Russinoff A Formal Language for the Specification and Verification of Synchronous and Asynchronous Circuits PS, DVI
94 10/93 Bevier, Young A State-Based Approach to Noninterference
93 9/93 Young Verifying a Simple Real-Time System with Nqthm PS, DVI
92 5/93 Yuan Yu Automated Proofs of Object Code for a Widely Used Microprocessor (Vol I, 114 pages, Vol. II, 619 pages. There is $60.00 charge for hard copy of Vol. II.) PS, DVI
91 5/93 Carranza, Young A Fuzzy Controller: Theorems and Proofs about its Dynamic Behavior PS
90 1/95 Albin, Brock, Hunt, Smith Testing the FM9001 Microprocessor PS
89 2/93 Bevier, LSmith A Mathematical Model of the Mach Kernel: Atomic Actions and Locks PS, DVI
88 2/93 Bevier, LSmith A Mathematical Model of the Mach Kernel: Entities and Relations PS, DVI
86 12/94 Brock, Hunt, Kaufmann The FM9001 Microprocessor Proof PS
85 11/92 Kaufmann An Assistant for Reading Nqthm Proof Output PS
84 10/92 Moore Introduction to the BDD Algorithm for the ATP Community PS
83 10/92 Flatau A Verified Implementation of an Applicative Language with Dynamic Storage Allocation PS, DVI
82 9/92 Carranza, Young Verification of a Fuzzy Controller PS
81 8/92 Kaufmann Quantification in Nqthm: a Recognizer and Some Constructive Implementations PS
79 7/92 Brock, Hunt A Formal HDL and its use in the FM9001 Verification PS, DVI
78 10/92 Wilding A Proved Application with Simple Real-Time Properties PS, DVI
77 1/91 Young Verifying the Interactive Convergence Clock Synchronization Algorithm Using the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover PS
76 4/92 Brock, Hunt, Young Introduction to a Formally Defined Hardware Description Language PS, DVI
75 3/92 Kaufmann Response to FM91 Survey of Formal Methods: Nqthm and Pc-Nqthm PS
74 1/92 Flatau A Compiler for NQTHM: A Progress Report PS
73 1/92 Good, Kaufmann, Moore The Role of Automated Reasoning in Integrated System Verification Environments PS
72 1/92 Kaufmann, Moore Should We Begin a Standardization Process for Interface Logics? PS
71 9/91 Goldschlag Mechanically verifying Concurrent Programs PS
70 9/91 Young Verifiable Computer Security and Hardware: Issues PS
69 9/91 Moore Mechanically Verified Hardware Implementing an 8-Bit Parallel IO Byzantine Agreement Processor PS
68 8/91 Moore A Formal Model of Asynchronous Communication and Its Use in Mechanically Verifying a Biphase Mark Protocol PS
67 8/91 Good, Young Mathematical Methods for Digital Systems Development PS, DVI
66 3/91 Goldschlag Verifying Safety and Liveness Properties of Dela Insensitive Circuits PS
65 3/91 Goldschlag A Mechanical Formalization of Several Fairness Notions PS
64 2/92 M. K. Smith The AVA Reverence Manual: Derived from ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A-1983 PS
62 8/90 Bevier, Young Machine Checked Proofs of a Byzantine Agreement Algorithm PS
60 7/90 Brock, Hunt A Formal Introduction to a Simple Hardware Description Language PS, DVI
59 6/90 Good, Siebert, Young Middle Gypsy 2.05 Definition PS
58 6/90 Basin, Kaufmann The Boyer-Moore Prover and Nuprl: An Experimental Comparison PS, DVI
57 6/90 Bevier, Young The Proof of Correctness of a Fault-Tolerant Circuit Design PS
56 5/90 Wilding A Mechanically-Checked Correctness Proof of a Floating-Point Search Program PS
54 4/90 Boyer, Moore A Theorem Prover for a Computational Logic PS
53 4/90 Kaufmann A Mechanically-checked Correctness Proof for Generalization in the Presence of Free Variables PS
52 12/89 Hunt, Brock The Formalization of a Simple Hardware Description Language PS
51 11/89 Bevier The Partial Specification of Microprocessor Instruction Set Architectures PS
50 10/89 Goldschlag The Verification of a Minimum Node Algorithm PS
49 9/89 Hunt The Verification of a Bit- Slice ALU PS
48 9/89 Hunt Microprocessor Design Verification PS
47 9/89 Good Mathematical Forecasting PS
46 6/89 Brock, Hunt Report on the Formal Specification and Partial Verification of the VIPER Microprocessor. PS, DVI
45 6/89 Young Comparing Specification Paradigms: Gypsy and Z PS, PDF
44 5/89 Boyer, Goldschlag, Kaufmann, Moore Functional Instantiation in First Order Logic PS, DVI
43 6/89 Kaufmann DEFN-SK: An Extension of the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover to Handle First-Order Quantifiers PS
42 5/89 Kaufmann Addition of Free Variables to the PC-NQTHM Interactive Enhancement of the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover PS
41 4/89 Bevier, Hunt, Moore, Young An Approach to Systems Verification PS
40 3/89 Akers, Lsmith IDM - A Configuration Management Tool for Maintaining Consistency Through Incremental Development PS
39 2/89 Kaufmann, Wilding A Parallel Version of the Boyer-Moore Prover PS
37 1/89 Young A Mechanically Verified Code Generator PS, PDF
36 11/88 Good Mechanical Proofs About Computer Programs PS
35 11/88 Young Report on Middle Gypsy PS
34 11/88 Young Report on Micro-Gypsy PS
33 11/88 Young A Verified Code Generator PS
32 1/89 Goldschlag A Mechanically Verified Proof System for Concurrent Programs. PS
30 9/88 JMoore A Mechanically Verified Language Implementation PS
28 8/88 Bevier Kit: A Study In Operating System Verification PS, PDF
25 6/88 Boyer, Moore Basic Events for A Computational Logic (416 pages) See "events.lisp" in NQTHM-1992 FTP area.
24 6/88 Boyer, Moore The Code for A Computational Logic (515 pages) See "code*.lisp" in NQTHM-1992 FTP area.
22 6/88 J Moore PITON: A Verified Assembly Level Languages PS
21 5/88 MKSmith, Craigen, Saaltink The nanoAVA Definition PS
20 5/88 Good Predicting Computer Behavior PS
19 5/88 Kaufmann A User's Manual for an Interactive Enhancement to the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover PS
18 2/88 Boyer, Moore The User's Manual for a Computational Logic. See Robert Boyer and J S. Moore, A Computational Logic Handbook. Academic Press, New York, 1988.
17 12/87 Goldschlag, Crawford The Underlying Semantics of Transition Systems PS
16 12/87 Bevier The Formal Specification and Definition of KIT PS
11 12/87 Bevier A Verified Operating System Kernel PS
9 4/87 Shankar Proof Checking Metamathematics Vols. I and II (570 pages) See Metamathematics, Machines, and Goedel's Proof, N. Shankar, Cambridge University Press, 1994.
7 7/87 Goldschlag, Crawford The Mechanical Verification of Distributed Systems PS
6 87 Hunt The Mechanical Verification of a Microprocessor Design See FM8501: A Verified Microprocessor., W. Hunt, LNCS 795, Springer-Verlag, 1994.
5 2/87 Hunt, Bevier, Young Toward Verified Execution Environments
4 5/86 Cohen Proving Gypsy Programs PS
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# Date Author(s) Title
285 8/93 Kaufmann Several Approaches to the Correctness of a Simple Iterative Program with a Loop TXT
157 10/89 Kaufmann A User's Manual for RCL **DRAFT** TXT