Real-time Evaluation Agents

Name StateBot
Summary An example of a real-time evaluation agent in the MOO. A finite state model of the events involving a student is used to track the student's progress. More generally, we intend evaluation agents to track adherence of a system to its formal specification (e.g. the CAETI Minimal Architecture Specification). An important property of the finite state model is that is permits us to check temporal properties.
IFD Our student software evaluation agent was used in two integration demonstrations (the first at the CAETI meeting in Arlington, TX, in March '96). One of the impressive elements of the demo was the geographically distributed nature of components, which were running in Arlington, San Diego (ISI), and Austin (CLI). The demonstration included a MOO (an multi-user, extensible, interactive space) running in Arlington, a simulator and user interface running separately (communicating through the MOO, running on a laptop), a global system monitor running at ISI that displayed the ongoing communication between the demo components, and our evaluation agent (running in Austin) tracking student interaction with the simulation program.
Point of Contact: Michael K. Smith
Austin, TX      

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Platform(s) Architecture
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