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(defun djvm-current-class-name (djvm) (declare (xargs :guard (and (djvm-p djvm) (non-empty (djvm-stack djvm))))) (frame-class (current-frame djvm)))

(defun class-defined? (class-name djvm) (declare (xargs :guard (and (stringp class-name) (djvm-p djvm)))) (bound? class-name (djvm-class-table djvm)))

(defun current-class-defined? (djvm) (declare (xargs :guard (and (djvm-p djvm) (non-empty (djvm-stack djvm))))) (class-defined? (djvm-current-class-name djvm) djvm))

(defun superclass-p (superclass-name class-name class-table) (declare (xargs :guard (and (stringp superclass-name) (stringp class-name) (class-table-p class-table)))) (and (bound? class-name class-table) (let ((class-decl (binding class-name class-table))) (member-equal-p superclass-name (class-decl-superclasses class-decl)))))

(defun super-class-name (class-name class-table) (declare (xargs :guard (and (stringp class-name) (class-table-p class-table) (bound? class-name class-table)))) (class-decl-superclass (binding class-name class-table)))

(defthm stringp-class-decl-superclass (implies (class-decl-p class-decl) (stringp (class-decl-superclass class-decl))))

(defthm super-class-name-type-prescription (implies (and (stringp class-name) (class-table-p class-table) (bound? class-name class-table)) (stringp (super-class-name class-name class-table))) :rule-classes (:rewrite :type-prescription))

(defun class-decl-access-super-p (class-decl) (declare (xargs :guard (class-decl-p class-decl))) (member ':super (class-decl-access-flags class-decl)))

(defun djvm-class-access-super-p (class-name djvm) (declare (xargs :guard (and (stringp class-name) (djvm-p djvm) (bound? class-name (djvm-class-table djvm))))) (class-decl-access-super-p (binding class-name (djvm-class-table djvm))))

(defun java-init-method? (method) (declare (xargs :guard (java-method-p method))) (or (equal (java-method-name method) "<init>") (equal (java-method-name method) "<clinit>")))

(in-theory (disable java-init-method?))

(defun invokespecial-wff-inst? (inst) (declare (xargs :guard t)) (and (instruction-p inst) (equal (car inst) 'invokespecial) (stringp (arg1 inst)) (stringp (arg2 inst)) (stringp (arg3 inst)) (method-type-sig-p (arg3 inst)) (equal (len inst) 4)))

(defun invokespecial-proper-arg-types? (instruction frame) (declare (xargs :guard (and (instruction-p instruction) (frame-p frame)))) (and (non-empty (frame-stack frame)) (let ((class-name (arg1 instruction)) (method-name (arg2 instruction)) (method-sig (arg3 instruction))) (and (stringp class-name) (stringp method-name) (stringp method-sig) (method-type-sig-p method-sig) (let ((type-list (type-list-for-method-parameters method-sig))) (stack-sig-matches? (reverse type-list) (frame-stack frame)))))))

(defun invokespecial-proper-arg-values? (inst djvm) (declare (xargs :guard (and (invokespecial-wff-inst? inst) (djvm-p djvm) (non-empty (djvm-stack djvm))))) (let* ((class-name (arg1 inst)) (Method-Name (arg2 INST)) (Method-Sig (arg3 INST)) (N-Word-Args (Sig-Argument-Word-Count Method-Sig))) (and (bound? class-name (djvm-class-table djvm)) (resolvable-method? class-name method-name method-sig djvm) (< N-Word-Args (len (Djvm-Operand-Stack DJVM))) (let ((type-list (type-list-for-method-parameters method-sig)) (current-frame (stack-top (djvm-stack djvm)))) (and (>= (len (frame-stack current-frame)) (len type-list)) (extended-jvm-type-listp type-list) (assignment-compatible-stack? (reverse type-list) (frame-stack current-frame) (djvm-class-table djvm) (djvm-heap djvm)) (stack-instances-initialized-p (len type-list) (car (djvm-stack djvm))))) (let ((Object-Ref (nth N-Word-Args (Djvm-Operand-Stack DJVM)))) (and (TV-Ref-p Object-Ref) (stringp (Class-Name-Of-Ref Object-Ref (Djvm-Heap DJVM))))) )))

(defun java-method-accessible-p (method current-class-name class-table) (declare (xargs :guard (and (java-method-p method) (stringp current-class-name) (class-table-p class-table) (bound? (java-method-class-name method) class-table) (bound? current-class-name class-table)))) (let* ((target-class-name (java-method-class-name method)) (target-class (binding target-class-name class-table)) (protection (java-method-protection method))) (djvm-member-accessible-p protection target-class (binding current-class-name class-table))))

(defmacro invoke-instance-method-macro () `(if (not (Java-Static-Method-p Selected-Method))

;; Let NEW-FRAME be a new stack frame for the method, and bind ;; the object-ref and arguments as locals. (let ((New-Frame (Make-Frame :CLASS (Java-Method-Class-Name selected-Method) :METHOD selected-Method :PC 0 :cia 0 :LOCALS (Bind-Arguments-As-Local-Vars (1+ N-Word-Args) (Djvm-Operand-Stack DJVM)) :STACK nil :object-ref object-ref)) (Calling-Frame (car (Djvm-Stack DJVM))))

(if (not (equal "<init>" (java-method-name selected-method))) (if (Frame-Initialized-Ref-p Object-Ref (Current-Frame djvm))

;; Now pop the operands from the operand stack in the calling ;; frame, and push the new frame onto the call stack. (set-Djvm-Stack (cons New-Frame (cons (Frame-Pop-N-Operands (1+ N-Word-Args) Calling-Frame) (cdr (Djvm-Stack DJVM)))) DJVM) (djvm-error "Attempt to invoke instance-method on uninitialized instance" inst djvm)) (if (not (Frame-Initialized-Ref-p Object-Ref (Current-Frame djvm)))

;; Now pop the operands from the operand stack in the calling ;; frame, and push the new frame onto the call stack. ;; Also mark the object-ref as uninitialized in the new frame. (set-Djvm-Stack (cons (Frame-Mark-New-Ref Object-Ref New-Frame) (cons (Frame-Pop-N-Operands (1+ N-Word-Args) Calling-Frame) (cdr (Djvm-Stack DJVM)))) DJVM) (djvm-error "Attempt to invoke <init> method on an initialized instance." inst djvm)))) (djvm-error "Attempt to invoke a static method on an instance." inst DJVM)))

(defun is-class-decl (x) (declare (xargs :guard (class-decl-p x))) t)

Remark: The definition execute-invokespecial-unoptimized should be decomposed into several smaller concepts, as with invokevirtual.

Until then, in order to make current definition nearly fit the page width, this definition is being printed in a smaller font.

(defun execute-invokespecial-unoptimized (INST DJVM)
  (declare (xargs :guard (and (instruction-p INST)
                              (Djvm-p DJVM)
                              (non-empty (Djvm-Stack DJVM))
                              (non-empty (Frame-Stack (car (Djvm-Stack DJVM))))
                              (invokespecial-wff-inst? inst)
                              (Invokespecial-Proper-Arg-Types? INST (car (Djvm-Stack DJVM)))
                              (Invokespecial-Proper-Arg-Values? INST DJVM))
                  :guard-hints (("Goal" :do-not-induct t))
                  :verify-guards t))
  (let* ((class-name  (arg1 inst))
         (Method-Name (arg2 INST))
         (Method-Sig  (arg3 INST))
         (N-Word-Args (Sig-Argument-Word-Count Method-Sig)))
    (if (< N-Word-Args (len (Djvm-Operand-Stack DJVM)))
        (let ((Object-Ref (nth N-Word-Args (Djvm-Operand-Stack DJVM))))
          (if (and (TV-Ref-p Object-Ref)
                   (stringp (Class-Name-Of-Ref Object-Ref (Djvm-Heap DJVM)))
                   (class-defined? (Class-Name-Of-Ref Object-Ref (Djvm-Heap DJVM)) djvm))
              (if (not (equal object-ref (ref-to-null)))
                  (if (class-defined? (djvm-current-class-name djvm) djvm)
                      (let* ((resolved-method (resolved-method class-name
                        (if (java-method-p resolved-method)
                            (if (class-defined? (java-method-class-name resolved-method) djvm)
                                (let ((selected-method
                                       (if (and (not (java-init-method? resolved-method))
                                                (not (java-private-method-p resolved-method))
                                                (class-defined? (djvm-current-class-name djvm) djvm)
                                                (superclass-p (java-method-class-name resolved-method)
                                                              (djvm-current-class-name djvm)
                                                              (djvm-class-table djvm))
                                                (djvm-class-access-super-p (djvm-current-class-name djvm)
                                           (let* ((Object-Class-Name (Class-Name-Of-Ref 
                                                                      (Djvm-Heap DJVM)))
                                                   (super-class-name object-class-name
                                                                     (djvm-class-table djvm))))
                                             (Lookup-Method Method-Name 
                                                            (Djvm-Class-Table DJVM)))
                                  (if (java-method-p selected-method)
                                      (if (java-bytecode-method-p selected-method)
                                          (if (class-defined? (java-method-class-name selected-method) djvm)
                                              (if (java-method-accessible-p selected-method
                                                                            (djvm-current-class-name djvm)
                                                                            (djvm-class-table djvm))
                                                (djvm-error "IllegalAccessError" inst djvm))
                                            (djvm-error "Class of selected method not in class table."
                                                        inst djvm))
                                        (djvm-error "Native methods not yet supported."
                                                    inst djvm))
                                    (djvm-error "Inconsistent Class Declarations" inst djvm)))
                              (djvm-error "Class of resolved method is not defined in class table."
                                          inst djvm))
                          (djvm-error "IncompatibleClassChangeError"
                                      inst djvm)))
                    (djvm-error "Current class not defined in class-table."
                                inst djvm))
                (djvm-error "NullPointerException" inst djvm))
            (djvm-error "Invokespecial applied to a non-reference stack value."
                        inst DJVM)))
      (djvm-error "Invokespecial applied with too few operands on the stack." 
                  inst DJVM))))

(defthm weak-frame-p-frame-pop-n-operands (implies (force (weak-frame-p frame)) (weak-frame-p (frame-pop-n-operands n frame))))

(defthm frame-p-frame-pop-n-operands (implies (force (frame-p frame)) (frame-p (frame-pop-n-operands n frame))))

(defthm djvm-p-execute-invokespecial-unoptimized (implies (and (instruction-p INST) (Djvm-p DJVM) (non-empty (Djvm-Stack DJVM)) (non-empty (Frame-Stack (car (Djvm-Stack DJVM)))) (invokespecial-wff-inst? inst) ;(Invokespecial-Proper-Arg-Types? INST (car (Djvm-Stack DJVM))) ;(Invokespecial-Proper-Arg-Values? INST DJVM) ) (djvm-p (execute-invokespecial-unoptimized INST DJVM))))

(in-theory (disable execute-invokespecial-unoptimized))

(defthm weak-djvm-p-execute-invokespecial-unoptimized (implies (and (instruction-p INST) (Djvm-p DJVM) (non-empty (Djvm-Stack DJVM)) (non-empty (Frame-Stack (car (Djvm-Stack DJVM)))) (invokespecial-wff-inst? inst)) (weak-djvm-p (execute-invokespecial-unoptimized INST DJVM))) :hints (("Goal" :in-theory (disable invokespecial-wff-inst? invokespecial-proper-arg-types? invokespecial-proper-arg-values?) :use (:instance WEAK-DJVM-P-IF-DJVM-P (x (execute-invokespecial-unoptimized INST DJVM))))))

(define-defensive-instruction  djvm-execute-invokespecial
  :instruction-length 3)

(in-theory (disable execute-invokespecial-unoptimized))

(defthm djvm-p-djvm-execute-invokespecial (implies (djvm-p djvm) (djvm-p (djvm-execute-invokespecial inst djvm))))

(in-theory (disable djvm-execute-invokespecial))

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